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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services



Most of our business comes from referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide. Below, you can read actual comments submitted by our customers.

~In early February of this year we needed temporary cleaning assistance at our 158 apartment community.  I called Jeepers Sweepers and spoke with the owner
Stacey and I told her about my situation.  She came over with 2 of her cleaners to see our Apartment complex.  Stacey was very professional and took time to find
out what cleaning services we needed.  Rhonda who is employed by Jeepers Sweepers was assigned as our temporary cleaner .  Rhonda was very thorough, always
on time and did an excellent cleaning job.  Rhonda was very observant and notified me of anything that needed extra attention.  I can't say enough good things
about Jeepers Sweepers.  My experience dealing with their company was great and if I ever need cleaning assistance again Jeepers Sweepers would be my first
call. ~Kelly Amey
          Community Manager
          Society Hill  

~Thank you Stacey for the wonderful job you do for us.  You make our home look immaculate and make my stress levels non-existent.  Hands down you are the best cleaning service in the Lehigh Valley.  ~Lisa Y.

~The whole family looks forward to Stacey coming to clean the house!  Nothing is better than the look and smell of a clean house.  It's so nice to come home after a
long day at work to a house that sparkles!  The kids love the way she arranges their stuffed animals and I love having some extra time to relax with my family. 
Stacey understands that families have changing schedules and is always very flexible.  I highly recommend Jeepers Sweepers. ~Jenn S.

~I have been using Jeepers Sweepers for the past several months and can whole-heartedly recommend them.  I have found them to be professional, pleasant to
work with and economical, but most of all, they do the job over and above my expectations!!  I have used many private and professional cleaners over the years,
but Stacey is unmatched!!  I am so happy with my experiences with Jeepers Sweepers and I can't imagine anyone better!! ~Gayle L.

~I recently sought a cleaning service for my elderly parents who were having difficulty maintaining their home.  Stacey has done a great job on so many levels.
She is wonderful with communication and scheduling our appointments, arrives on time, and does a fantastic job cleaning.  Her friendly personality has been
a welcome comfort to my parents in having someone in their home.  Thanks for making it an easy transformation for them and taking the job from me! ~Barb B.

To Schedule an Appointment send us a request on our Contact us page, or call (610)703-2135

Jeepers Sweepers
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